Areas of Concentration

Practical & Foolproof Legal Solutions

We have extensive experience with mediation events. We are routinely sought out early in the ADR event for creative insights and solutions.

Business Representation & Litigation

Ongoing counsel; risk management; contract analysis; drafting and review; especially for new or growing businesses.

Complex Litigation

Large-scale property loss or damage; Class Actions; Construction Defects; Product Liability; Complex Economic Loss Claims

Construction / Construction Defects

Commercial, both Light and Heavy; Institutional; Residential, both Single Family and Multi Family; Developers; General Contractors; Top Tier Subcontractors; Secondary Subcontractors; Specialty Systems Subcontractors; Product Manufacturers


Insurance and Indemnity; Product Warnings; Disclaimers; Warranties; Statutes of Limitation and Repose


Project Development; Subsidence; Lateral Support; Drainage

Product Liability

Construction Products; Component Parts; Final Assembly; Vendors; Washington Product Liability Act; Uniform Commercial Code (UCC); Consumer Protection Act Claims

Professional Liability

Design; Errors and Omissions; Board Service; Construction Managers

Risk Diagnosis and Management

Contract Analysis; Insurance; Indemnity and Defense Triggers and Requirements; Exculpatory Clauses; Statutes of Repose and Limitations; Scopes of Work, Limitations and Remedies

Personal Injury

Indoor Air Quality; Mold; Wage and Economic Loss; Liens; Minor Settlement; and other claims of emotional damage or distress

Specialty Torts

Commercial Lines; Property Loss; Personal Lines: Home, Auto; Fraud and First Party Claims; Highway Design;  and other claims of emotional damage or distress

Toxic Torts

Indoor Air Quality; Mold


Washington; Jury and Bench Trial; MAR and Private Arbitration Hearings


Appearing in courts; Personal Injury; Large Loss; Product Liability; Construction Defect and Delay / Impact Claims